Chutes Provincial Park

July 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Massey

Height: 20, 15, ?

Crest: varies

Water Source: Aux Sables River

Waypoint: 46.22015N 82.07197W

Summary: There is an unnamed medium size waterfall and a number of interesting rapids in this Provincial park. The day use fee may discourage a casual visit, but if you are looking for a campground while travelling along Hwy 17 this is a nice stop, and you can let the waterfall sing you to sleep.

Chutes Provincial Park is along Hwy 17 near the town of Massey. It is the only provincial park between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury and is therefore a handy stop when travelling across Canada. In addition it is home to a series of waterfalls along the Aux Sables River.

None of the waterfalls are very large, and as far as I know none of them have names. The steepest of the falls is right next to the campground and you can listen to it as you sleep. This cascade is about 20 feet high. There is a beach area here.

There is a day use fee to visit the park. It was $9.50 in 2004. See the park website for the current rate.

There is a trail that follows the river upstream for about a mile. According to the signs the river passes three of the Seven Sisters waterfalls. I am not exactly sure what they are counting as a waterfall, or where the other four sisters are, but it is a pretty area and a nice walk. The trail passes the confluence of the Aux Sables and a smaller creek, both of which have rapids.

Nearby Falls

Hwy 6 is 30 km to the east. This goes past Whitefish Falls and leads to Manitoulin Island where you will find Bridal Veil Falls and High Falls.

Photo Gallery

The fall by the campground

The biggest of the Sisters

Another Sister?

The confluence

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