Blackwater Falls

May, 2004

State: West Virginia

Location: Davis

Height: 50

Crest: 50?

Water Source: Blackwater River

Waypoint: 39.11361N 79.48333W

Summary: This waterfall is the highlight of Blackwater Falls State Park. The pictures on this site show the waterfall at high water. It usually has much less water. It is still an impressive waterfall. There are several other waterfalls in the park to explore as well.

Blackwater Falls is in Blackwater Falls State Park near Davis, West Virginia. Once in the park signs will guide you to the falls. There is a trail and boardwalk that takes you down close to the falls on the west side. There is also an overlook high up on the other side of the gorge from which you can get some very nice views.

I went down to West Virginia for some hiking and camping and got rained on, a lot. My reward for trudging around in the rain and mud was to see waterfalls with a lot of water in them. Blackwater Falls does not usually look like this. Normally it is segmented and a lot more rock is visible.

The Blackwater River cuts a wide, deep and scenic gorge that is responsible for several long cascade waterfalls in the park. These are Elakala Falls, Pendleton Falls and Falls Run Falls.

Nearby Falls

Elakala Falls and Pendleton Falls and are both in the park. Swallow Falls and Muddy Creek Falls can be found in Maryland's Swallow Falls State Park 30 miles to the north.

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