Muddy Creek Falls

May, 2004

State: Maryland

Location: Oakland

Height: 53

Crest: 20?

Water Source: Muddy Creek

Waypoint: 39.50111N 79.41806W

Summary: This waterfall is the highlight of Swallow Falls State Park and is one of the highest waterfall in Maryland. The pictures on this page show the waterfall at high water. It usually has much less water. The park is named for the less impressive Swallow Falls.

Muddy Creek Falls is in Swallow Falls State Park near Oakland, Maryland. There is a $3 dollar fee to visit the park. Once in the park signs will guide you to the falls. This waterfall is the result of the Muddy Creek falling into the gorge carved out by the Youghiogheny River (known as the "Yawk"). The height of the falls is 53 feet, making it the highest waterfall in Maryland according to some. Cunningham Falls, also located in Maryland, is over 70 feet high but does not fall in a single drop.

It had been raining heavily during my visit, so the creek was quite full. When the water is lower it would be possible to get right out in front of the waterfall for a nice view, but trying to get any closer when the water is that high would be quite foolhardy.

Nearby Falls

The parks namesake Swallow Falls is just a short walk away. The trail is rather scenic and goes past some nice exposed rock. Blackwater Falls and others can be found in West Virginia's Blackwater Falls State Park 30 miles to the south. The "Yawk" repeats this performance 60 miles downstream where you can find the Ohiopyle Falls on the Youghiogheny River and the more impressive Cucumber Falls falling into the gorge.

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