Big Run Falls

May 2004

State: Pennsylvania

Location: New Castle

Height: 20?

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Big Run

Waypoint: 40.9772N 80.319W

Summary: A small urban waterfall that is easy to visit.

Big Run Falls is located in Cascade Metropark in New Castle. New Castle is about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh. This is another urban waterfall. Cascade Park used to be the site of an amusement park. Above the main plunge is a smaller cascade.

The park is located off of Rt 65 just north of US 422, south east of downtown.

When I visited the falls in March 2009, a lot of small trees had grown up in front of what had been the best vantage for the falls. I do not know if this is temporary. You can always get a clear view of the falls if you walk up the creek to the base of the falls.

Nearby Falls

There are a fair number of falls in this part of Pennsylvania. The 40' Quakertown Falls is 12 miles to the west. Springfield Falls is 15 miles to the south. Buttermilk Falls is 20 miles to the south. Hells Hollow Falls in McConnells Mill State Park is about 15 miles to the east.

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Cascades above upper falls

Overgrowth in front of falls, March 2009.

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