Buttermilk Falls

March 23, 2009

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Buttermilk Falls Natural Area in Homewood

Height: 35

Crest: 10

Water Source: Clark Run

Waypoint: 40.81417N 80.32833W

Summary: Also known as Homewood Falls, this waterfall is reached by a short hike through an old quarry. The falls is located right off of the interstate, and makes a nice quick scenic stop if you are travelling on I-76 northwest of Pittsburgh.

Buttermilk Falls is a 35' plunge on Clark Run in Homewood Pennsylvania. This falls is also known as Homewood Falls, and I was tempted to name it that on this page, as there are at least four other Buttermilk Falls in the state, but there is a big sign on the road saying "Buttermilk Falls Natural Area", so Buttermilk Falls is the official name.

There is a railroad above the falls, and the gorge below the falls was used as a quarry. You can see evidence of the holes they drilled to remove blocks of stone. The water also has a certain odd color I've come to associate with run off from urban areas. But despite all that, it is still a pretty waterfall, and very easy to visit. This is a classic plunge waterfall, and you can easily walk behind it without getting wet.

The falls is located along Route 18, just south of I-76. If you take exit 13 on I-76, and head south on Route 18, you will see the sign for the natural area on your right just after you cross under I-76. It is hard to miss. From the parking area, it is a short walk to the falls. There is a stairway on the trail.

The road continues past the parking area up a hill. At the top of the hill there is a church. If you park here, you will find trails that lead you to an overview at the top of the falls.

Nearby Falls

The town of Beaver Falls is a few miles to the south, but the falls on the Beaver River for which the town was named are now a series of three dams. Big Run Falls is about 20 miles to the north. Springfield Falls is 15 miles beyond that. Quakertown Falls is about 30 miles away. Another Buttermilk Falls that is somewhat larger, and much less urban, can be found in Indiana County about 90 miles to the southeast.

Photo Gallery

The Old Quarry, with the falls in the background.

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September 2012

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