Berry Creek Falls

June 10, 2007

State: California

Location: Big Basin Redwood Park

Height: 70

Crest: 20

Water Source: Berry Creek

Waypoint: 37.16972N 122.26361W

Summary: A long hike in, and an even longer hike out, is required to see the very scenic Berry Creek Falls. Two other waterfalls upstream and the hundreds of enormous Redwoods make this a great hike.

Berry Creek Falls is located in Big Basin Redwood State Park. As the name implies, the park's main feature are its Redwoods, but it also features a number of waterfalls, of which Berry Creek Falls is the most impressive. The falls is a 70 feet high nearly vertical cascade. According to this is the best of the coastal California waterfalls.

The hike to the falls is about 5 miles long. The trail winds its way past hundreds of enormous redwoods, which I imagine many people will find more impressive than the falls themselves. The trees are far taller than the falls. On the way in, most of the trail is downhill, which makes the hike back out even more challenging. There are lots of trails in the park, and it is possible to make the visit to the falls part of a loop. Of course no matter which path you take, you will have to make up the lost elevation somehow.

This part of California does not get much rain in the summer. It was still flowing well on the second weekend of June, but like most of the falls in this part of the world it is best seen in winter or early spring.

Nearby Falls

The smaller Silver Falls and Golden Cascades are less than a mile upstream. The small Sempervirens Falls is also in the park. There are a multitude of falls in the area, although most of them are seasonal. The excellent has pictures and descriptions of many of them. The spectacular waterfalls of Yosemite are only a few hours away as well. Alamere Falls is about a two hour drive to the north.

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