Silver Falls

June 10, 2007

State: California

Location: Big Basin Redwood Park

Height: 60?

Crest: 10

Water Source: West Fork Berry Creek

Waypoint: 37.17778N 122.26944W

Summary: Silver Falls is just a short hike upstream of the more impressive Berry Creek Falls. If you have already hiked the 4 miles to Berry Creek Falls there is no reason not to continue on to Silver Falls.

Silver Falls is located in Big Basin Redwood State Park. It is about 1/2 mile upstream of the much more impressive Berry Creek Falls. But if you have made the 4 mile hike to Berry Creek Falls, the extra 1/2 mile will be easy.

Berry Creek forks just above Berry Creek Falls, and the east fork carries most of the water. As a result Silver Falls has considerably less water than Berry Creek Falls. When I visited in early June the falls were pretty thin, as can be seen in the photos. A little less direct sunlight would also have helped the photos.

From Berry Creek Falls, the trail climbs up past the falls and then levels off until it reaches Silver Falls. The trail steeply climbs up next to Silver Falls. From the looks of it, during high water, the falls would actually cover part of the trail.

Golden Cascades is just above Silver Falls.

Nearby Falls

Golden Cascades is just above Silver Falls and Berry Creek Falls is less than a mile downstream. The small Sempervirens Falls is also in the park. There are a multitude of falls in the area, although most of them are seasonal. The excellent has pictures and descriptions of many of them. The spectacular waterfalls of Yosemite are only a few hours away as well. Alamere Falls is about a two hour drive to the north.

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