Cascades of Attica

September 2006

State: New York

Location: Attica

Height: 60'

Crest: 20'

Water Source: Crow Creek

Waypoint: 42.81725N 77.2549W

Summary: The Cascades of Attica is a very scenic falls reached by a short, but very steep hike. This waterfall is on private property, but is currently open to the public. This has not always been the case, so try not to spoil it for others.

The Cascades of Attica is located a few miles south east of Attica New York, between Route 98 and Route 238. The main falls is 60' high. There is a smaller drop above just below where the creek flows through a culvert, and a small slide below the main falls.

Despite being a short distance from the road, this is a fairly wild waterfall. A well trod trail leads from the road along the rim of the gorge. There is an easily reached overlook at the crest of the falls. The trail continues and descends very steeply into the gorge. There are ropes to help you ascend and descend. It is then a simple creek walk back up to the falls.

The falls are located just north of Cascade Road, aboue 1 mile west of Route 238. The road does a little jog where it crosses Crow Creek. There is space to park alongside the road, but there is no official parking area.

There is a sign at the beginning of the trail encouraging you not to make a mess. This waterfall is on private property, and has been off limits in the recent past. Please respect the owners wishes and do not litter. The gorge was pretty clean, but I packed out a few stray beer cans that someone left behind.

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