Yellow Dog Falls

May 2006

State: Michigan

Location: Marquette County, 10 miles south of Big Bay

Height: 20+

Crest: 20 and 20

Water Source: Yellow Dog River

Waypoint: 46.72858N 87.7068W

Summary: The Yellow Dog River runs wild through Marquette County and has many small waterfalls and rapids. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger and more accessible features on the river.

Yellow Dog Falls is the name given to the main drop on the Yellow Dog River east of Country Road 510. The river steadily descends on it way down to Lake Superior, and there are at least seven drops of varying sizes. Many are only a few feet in height. At Yellow Dog Falls the river drops over 20 feet in a short distance. This feature is distinctive because of the large boulder that splits the falls in two.

The falls is located off of County Road 510. Just south of the bridge over the Yellow Dog River there is a small parking area on the east side. There is a trail to the main falls, which are about 1 mile downstream. The trail continues, but becomes increasingly faint for another mile or so, taking you past half a dozen rapids and small falls.

From the intersection of County Road 550 and 510, head south on 510 for about 6 miles until you reach the bridge and cross the river. 510 is unpaved but is in good shape.

[Marquette & Baraga County] Nearby Falls

Alder Falls is about 15 minutes away. The more remote and picturesque Pinnacle Falls is several miles upstream and about 30 minutes away by car. Carp River Falls is about 20 miles south in Marquette.

Other Websites

This site has pictures of more of the many drops on the Yellow Dog.

Photo Gallery

The next drop on the river

Another small falls downstream

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