Whitewater Falls

May 2002

State: North Carolina

Location: Western North Carolina, Jackson County.

Height: 410

Crest: ?

Water Source: Whitewater River

Waypoint: 35.035N 83.015W

Summary: This is a big, impressive waterfall, with a nice easy to access viewing area, so there is no reason to not visit this falls if you are in the area. It is a nice stop before or after exploring the Horsepasture River.

Whitewater Falls is along highway NC 281, just across the North Carolina border. There is a sign marking the entrance for the parking area.

This is a very impressive waterfall. It is one of the highest waterfalls east of the Rockies. Unfortunately you cannot get very close to it. From the parking area it is a short walk to a lookout, and you can descend a flight of stairs to another lookout. Both are quite a distance from the falls.

From the lookouts you can access the Foothills trail. The locals know how to get closer the the falls, but the brochures threaten you with death and dismemberment if you try. The Foothills trail leads to the Lower Whitewater Falls in South Carolina, which apparently are 200 feet high (there seems to be conflicting information out there).

Nearby Falls

The Horsepasture River Falls are a few miles north on NC 281. There are dozens of other waterfalls in this part of the Carolinas.

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