Falls of the Horsepasture River

Drift Falls

Turtleback Falls

Rainbow Falls

Stairway Falls

The Horsepasture river has a nice series of falls all in a short 1.5 mile stretch. The entire river is filled with rocks and cascades and is quite interesting. This is a great place to go waterfall hunting. The Horsepasture river can be accessed from Gorges State Park. The park is located on NC-281 between US-64 and the South Carolina border.

The Horsepasture river is actually outside of the park. You can park at the park's parking area, and then walk back to NC-281, take a left, and you will find a trailhead a short distance down the road on the left (supposedly the State Park does not mind if you leave your car in their parking lot, just do not leave it overnight). Follow the trail until you reach the river. The trail is rough, rocky and steep at points. If you head right (upstream), you will reach Drift Falls. If you head left (downstream), you will reach Turtleback Falls, Rainbow Falls and Stairway Falls. Further downstream there are even more falls, but the trails become extremely difficult or vanish altogether. It makes sense to see Drift Falls first, and then work your way downstream until you have had enough. You definitely will want to see Rainbow Falls.

Nearby Falls

Whitewater Falls are nearby on NC 281, just north of the South Carolina border.

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