Tuscarora Falls

May 23, 2015

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Ricketts Glen State Park

Height: 47

Crest: 10

Water Source: Kitchen Creek

Waypoint: 41.321389N 76.279444W

Summary: A two tiered 47' falls. One of the many waterfalls of Ricketts Glen.

Tuscarora Falls is one of the many scenic falls in Ricketts Glen State Park. It is a 47' two tiered falls. In lower water the lower tier is segmented into two drops. In my opinion this is one of the prettier waterfalls in the park.

The falls are named for the Tuscarora, an Iroquoian speaking people who became the sixth member of the Iroquois Confederation.

Nearby Falls

Erie Falls is a few hundred yards downstream. Ganoga Falls is a half a mile upstream, and 18 or so other falls are within a short hike. Dozens of other waterfalls can be found within a 50 mile radius.

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