Erie Falls

May 25, 2015

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Ricketts Glen State Park

Height: 47

Crest: 10

Water Source: Kitchen Creek

Waypoint: 41.321667N 76.277778W

Summary: Erie Falls is the last waterfall in Ganoga Glen. It is a steep 47' cascade. If you are hiking the falls loop, this is the first or last falls you see before/after you switch from hiking downhill to hiking uphill.

Erie Falls is one of the many scenic falls in Ricketts Glen State Park. It is a steep 47' cascade. According to the official heights it is tied with Tuscorara Falls as the third highest falls in the park. I am not sure if this height includes some of the small cascades downstream of the main drop.

The falls is 0.1 miles upstream of Watersmeet. Steep stairs climb up the side of the falls, letting you get right up to the top of the falls. If I remember rightly the gorge walls overhang the trail here, so taller folks may need to mind their heads.

Nearby Falls

Tuscorara Falls is a few hundred yards upstream. Ganoga Falls is a half a mile upstream, and 18 or so other falls are within a short hike. Just a few miles to the west the wild Big Falls can be found. 50 miles to the east in Scranton is Nay Aug Falls. Dozens of other waterfalls can be found within a 50 mile radius.

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