Lower South Falls

June 2008

State: Oregon

Location: Silver Falls State Park

Height: 93

Crest: 40?

Water Source: South Silver Creek

Waypoint: 44.88554N 122.66130W

Summary: Lower South Falls is one of the several impressive waterfalls to be found in Silver Falls State Park. For anyone who likes waterfalls, Silver Falls State Park is not be missed.

Lower South Falls is located in Silver Falls State Park about a 1 mile downstream from South Falls. The trail between the falls is lush and for the most part level. A set of stairs takes you down to the falls. The trail goes behind the falls, and the water is just out of arms reach. The volcanic rock the trail cuts through is interesting in its own right.

This is the last waterfall on the south fork of Silver Creek. A half mile past this point the trail starts following the north fork upstream past another 8 falls, including Middle North Falls, North Falls, and Upper North Falls.

Silver Falls State Park is off of Hwy 214, about 26 miles east of Salem.

Nearby Falls

A 5 mile hike will take you to 9 other waterfalls in the park, including South Falls, Lower North Falls, Double Falls, Middle North Falls, Winter Falls, North Falls, and Upper North Falls. If you are willing to drive, many more waterfalls can be found.

Photo Gallery

The stairs down to the falls

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