Lower North Falls

June 2008

State: Oregon

Location: Silver Falls State Park

Height: 30

Crest: 30?

Water Source: North Silver Creek

Waypoint: 44.89164N 122.64852W

Summary: Lower North Falls is the last and most distant of the falls on the north fork. Not especially impressive all by itself, but it is part of Silver Falls State Park's wonderful Trail of Ten Falls. For anyone who likes waterfalls, Silver Falls State Park is not be missed.

Lower North Falls is located in Silver Falls State Park. It is the last and least of the "North" falls. It is a 30 foot high slide. The other "North" and "South" falls are all plunges. This waterfall is roughly on the half way point of the Canyon Trail. It is .5 miles downstream of Middle North Falls, and 1.3 miles from Lower South Falls.

There are two other other falls on the north fork similar to Lower North Falls. Drake Falls is .2 miles upstream. It is another 27 foot slide. There are no real good vantage points on the trail for Drake Falls. Twin Falls is half a mile upstream of Middle North Falls. It is a bit steeper than Drake and Lower North Falls, and the rock splits the water into two, giving the falls its name. Photos of both of these falls are included below. Oddly, two of the least distinctive falls in the park are given two of the most distinctive names.

Silver Falls State Park is off of Hwy 214, about 26 miles east of Salem.

Nearby Falls

The much more impressive Double Falls is just a few hundred feet away. Middle North Falls is .6 miles upstream, North Falls is 1.2 miles past that, and Upper North Falls is another half mile. If you take the trail in the other direction, a 2.5 mile walk will take you past Lower South Falls and South Falls If you are willing to drive, many more waterfalls can be found.

Photo Gallery

Drake Falls from Above

An overexposed shot of Twin Falls

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