Sauble Falls

June, 2002

Province: Ontario

Location: Southern part of the Bruce Peninsula, north of Sauble Beach.

Height: 10

Crest: 75

Water Source: Sauble River

Waypoint: 44.67624N 81.25651W

Summary: This waterfall is not as visually impressive as the many Ontario waterfalls to the east, but it is very popular and provides many recreational opportunities.

Sauble Falls is in Sauble Falls Provincial Park. This is a low, wide waterfall, and is very close to the road. It is worth a stop on your way up to the Bruce Peninsula.

Despite its low height this is a very popular waterfall. It serves as a natural water slide and an excellent fishing spot. In late September you can watch the Salmon swim up the falls

[Niagara Escarpment] Nearby Falls

The much more impressive, but not so hands on, Inglis Falls and Jones Falls are 50km to the east in the Owen Sound area.

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