Rainbow Falls

July 25, 2015

State: New York

Location: St Lawrence County

Height: 25'+

Crest: 20'

Water Source: Grasse River

Waypoint: 44.3068N 74.99895W

Summary: A 25' falls followed by steep gorge. One of the most impressive and popular of the many falls found along Tooley Pond Road. This is a great destination, with 4 other significant falls nearby.

Rainbow Falls is a very scenic falls on the Grasse River. The falls is a steep powerful cascade followed by a narrow gorge. You can view the falls from the side, or top, but the gorge makes access to the base extremely difficult if not impossible.

The falls is located along Tooley Pond Road, 6.1 miles from its terminus at County Route 27. There is a wide trail blocked by 4 large rocks and a sign on a nearby dead tree marking the trailhead. There is no real parking, but there is plenty of room to pull off the road. Given how popular this waterfall is, there will probably be a car or two there already.

The trail is a third of a mile long. It starts out wide and level, but narrows as it nears the falls. The trail crosses a wooden footbridge over a small rocky gorge. This is actually a minor channel of the Grasse River. The river divides just above the falls, but only a tiny fraction of the river goes through this channel. The trail leads to the gorge just below the falls. You can walk up to the top, or downstream to the end of the gorge. The trail continues downstream a short distance beyond the gorge.

Rainbow Falls produces a lot of spray, making the surrounding rocks wet and slippery. Be careful near the edges of the gorge.

Nearby Falls

The bigger, but harder to visit Twin Falls is 2.5 miles downstream. Sinclair Falls is a mile beyond that, and Basford Falls is another half mile. Copper Rock Falls is 2.5 miles upstream. The large and scenic Lampson Falls is only 12 miles to the north along Country Route 27.

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