Lampson Falls

July 25 2015

State: New York

Location: St Lawrence County

Height: 40

Crest: 100

Water Source: Grasse River

Waypoint: 44.40556N 75.07167W

Summary: A 40' high, 100' wide slide on the Grasse River. This is the largest and most popular waterfall in St Lawrence County.

Lampson Falls is a large slide on the Grasse River. It is 40' high, and 100' feet wide, making it the largest of the many waterfalls on this river. It is a very popular waterfall, but it is big enough to share.

The falls is located along County Road 27 in the town of Clare, which is about 4 miles north of Degrasse, and 17 miles south of Canton. There is large parking area on the west side of the road. The parking area seems to be designed for south bound traffic, so be careful entering it if heading north. The trail to the falls is .6 miles. Most of the trail follows an old road, so it is wide and level. About halfway in there is a registration booth. The DEC uses this to track usage of the area.

The trail leads to the side of the falls near the top. Side trails lead down to the bottom, or you can carefully walk down the rock face that forms the falls. There is a large pool at the base of the falls, with a beach like area on the right side. The trail continues downstream for another mile.

I was real pleased with the photographs I took of this waterfall. Large, low, wide waterfalls are difficult subjects, and the overcast day did not help.

Nearby Falls

Harper Falls is 5 miles to the north. Twin Falls is 7 miles to the south, Rainbow Falls is 10 miles to the south.

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Upper drop

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