Mosquito Falls

May 2005

State: Michigan

Location: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Height: 10, 5

Crest: 25

Water Source: Mosquito Creek

Waypoint: 46.51639N 86.47778W

Summary: This is the smallest and least impressive of the named waterfalls in Pictured Rocks. If time is limited, skip this one in order to see Chapel Falls. However this waterfall is a nice feature of the Chapel Loop Hike which will take you past both Chapel and Mosquito Falls.

Mosquito Falls is a small waterfall consisting of two main drops about 100 meters apart with a stretch of rapids in between them. The lower drop is about 10 feet high, and the upper one is about 5 feet high. This is the smallest of the named Pictured Rocks waterfalls but it is a very lovely hike, especially in spring when the flowers are out.

The fall is about 1.5 miles from the Chapel Parking area. Take the Mosquito Beach trail. This trail forks with one branch heading directly to Mosquito Beach, and the other somewhat longer trail passing the falls on the way to the beach. The trail first passes the lower falls, then the rapids, then the upper falls before crossing the creek and heading back downstream before heading off into the woods. It is a very pretty hike, and Mosquito Beach itself is quite lovely. Before reaching the falls the trail passes an enormous beaver dam.

The Creek and Beach do live up to their names at times, and the even more annoying black flies can be found all along Lake Superior.

[Alger County] [10 Mile Map] [5 Mile Map] Nearby Falls

Chapel Falls is about a 4 mile hike from Mosquito Falls. Spray Falls is another 4 miles past that. Back in town you can find Munising Falls and several others. Sable Falls is some 30 miles to the east.

Photo Gallery

Lower Drop

The Rapids

Upper Drop

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