Mohican Falls

May 25, 2015

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Ricketts Glen State Park

Height: 39

Crest: 15

Water Source: Kitchen Creek

Waypoint: 41.321667N 76.282778W

Summary: A scenic two step falls located in Ganoga Glen.

Mohican Falls is the third significant waterfall from the bottom of Ganoga Glen. Kitchen creek drops drops 39 feet in two roughly equal drops. The creek curves a bit in between the two drops, making it a little difficult to see both drops at the same time.

Just below Mohican falls a small side stream joins Kitchen Creek. There is a 8' falls on this stream, but it is hard to see due to deadfall.

Mohican Fall is located 0.4 miles from the bottom of Ganoga Glen, and about 0.7 miles from the top.

Nearby Falls

Erie Falls is a few hundred yards downstream. Ganoga Falls is a 0.3 miles upstream, and along the way you will pass the rather small Delaware Falls and Seneca Falls. Dozens of other waterfalls can be found within a 50 mile radius.

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