Lasalle Falls

September 2009

State: Wisconsin

Location: Florence County

Height: 20

Crest: 15

Water Source: Pine River

Waypoint: 45.8312N 88.29W

Summary: Lasalle Falls is a powerful slide on the Pine River. The falls is longer than it is tall. Located in a scenic gorge reached by a 1 mile hike through a forest. One of the bigger falls in the area, and one of the larger falls in the Lake Michigan watershed.

Lasalle Falls is a 20' drop on the Pine River. Like many of the waterfalls in the area, this is a slide falls, longer than it is tall. This is a wild waterfall with no fences or railings reached by a one mile hike. The falls is runnable by kayak.

The falls is located north of County Highway C. C intersects Route 101 to the west, and County Highway N to the east. From Highway C take LaSalle Falls road north and follow the signs. This is a dirt road that is a bit rough at points. The parking area for the falls is about 2.5 miles from Highway C. The hike to the falls is about 1 mile long through woods. There are a few stairs near the beginning of the trail, but it is mostly level after that. The trail ends at brink of the falls. A steep scrabble will take you down into the gorge where you can get some nice views of the falls.

Nearby Falls

Misicot Falls in Piers Gorge is about 20 miles to the east. Long Slide Falls is 5 miles south of that. The very similar appearing Eighteen Foot Falls is about a 40 mile drive to the southeast. Chicagon Falls is a 50 mile drive to the north.

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