Eighteen Foot Falls

July 2004

State: Wisconsin


Height: 18

Crest: 15

Water Source: Pike River

Waypoint: 45.587358N 88.129838W

Summary: The largest of the "foot" Falls in Marinette County. Dave's Falls is much easier to visit, as is the far more impressive Long Slide Falls.

This is a wild waterfall. There are no fences or railings. There are also not a lot of good vantage points for this falls. It is about a 10 minute hike to the falls along a somewhat rough and uneven trail. The trail ends at the top of the falls.

The easiest way to find this waterfall is to first visit Twelve Foot Falls. You will find signs for Twelve Foot Falls on both US 141 south of Pembine and US 8 west of Pembine. From Twelve Foot Falls take a right and drive about 1/2 mile. You will reach a rough Y in the road. Head right and take the first right. There is a sign for 18 Foot Falls on the second right. This short, rough dirt road ends at a small turn around. Park here and look for the trail to the left. Here is some help from MapQuest.

Nearby Falls

There are a fair number of waterfalls in this area, but most of them are rather small. They include Dave's Falls, Twelve Foot Falls, and Smalley's Falls. Long Slide Falls is about 10 miles to the north and is easily the largest and most scenic of the waterfalls in the area. See the websites below for a complete list.

Other Websites

Marinette County is the self proclaimed Waterfall Capitol of Wisconsin. Here is a map and tour of the county's waterfalls.

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