Jonathan Run Falls

Second Jonathan Run Falls, May 2004

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Ohiopyle State Park

Height: 10, 10, 20

Crest: 15?

Water Source: Jonathan Run

Waypoint: 39.90222N 79.49194W

Summary: This is a set of small waterfalls found along Jonathan Run and Sugar Run in Pennsylvania's Ohiopyle State Park. The pictures on this page show the falls at high water. They may look far less impressive normally.

Jonathan Run Falls is in Pennsylvania's Ohiopyle State Park. This is a large park with a town inside of it. Maps are available for free in the park. These falls are on the northern end of the park.

There a two main waterfalls on Jonathan Run and a third waterfall on the nearby Sugar Run. The falls on Johnathan Run are about 10 feet high each. The falls on Sugar Run is about 20 feet high. The falls can all be seen by taking the Sugar Run Trail starting at the Old Mitchell Place until you reach the Jonathan Run Trail. Take a left. You will reach the Youghiogheny River Trail, which looks like it used to be a railroad grade. The Kentuck Trail will take you past the Sugar Run Falls and lead you back to the Old Mitchell Place.

Getting a close look at the Johnathan Run falls requires you to leave the trail. A good view of the second fall in particular requires a somewhat difficult descent into the gorge. The Sugar Run Falls is right by the trail and easy to see.

It had been raining heavily during my visit, so the creek was quite full. Normally the falls are probably not so impressive. This is a fairly easy but nice hike.

Nearby Falls

The very scenic Cucumber Falls and the park's namesake Ohiopyle Falls are nearby. The "Yawk" repeats this performance 60 miles upstream in Maryland's Swallow Falls state park where you can find the Swallow Falls on the Youghiogheny River and the more impressive Muddy Creek Falls falling into the gorge.

Photo Gallery

First Johnathan Run Falls

Sugar Run Falls

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