Elora Gorge Falls

May 28, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: Elora

Height: 25?

Crest: 50

Water Source: Grand River

Waypoint: 43.68049N 80.43133W

Summary: Elora Gorge Falls is a small but easy to visit waterfall in the town of Elora. This is the only significant waterfall in Ontario that is in the Lake Erie Watershed.

Elora Gorge Falls is located in downtown Elora. Here the Grand River slides down about 25 feet into the Elora Gorge. In the middle of the falls is a small island called the "Tooth of Time". Some sources even call the falls the "Tooth of Time Falls". The "Tooth" has been buttressed on its upstream side to preserve it.

The falls located in downtown Elora and is very easy to find. The old mill that was once powered by the falls has been converted into an inn, and there are a number of shops lining the streets above the falls. On the far side of the river there are trails leading to the gorge and past some nice views of the falls and several old ruins.

The Grand River flows south into Lake Erie. The Elora Gorge Falls is the only significant waterfall in Ontario that is in the Lake Erie Watershed. It is also one of the few falls in this part of Ontario that is not the result of water flowing over the Niagara Escarpment. The rock here is very similar to the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment, but I think here the river is cutting in the other direction.

[Niagara Escarpment] Nearby Falls

Downstream of the falls is the Elora Gorge. In the spring a creek spilling into the gorge creates a seasonal waterfall. If you travel east you will soon encounter the Niagara Escarpment and its many waterfalls. The two closest are Hilton Falls and Cataract Falls. Elora Gorge is somewhat isolated. Webster Falls and the many Hamilton Waterfalls are 70 km away.

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