Dame Blanche Falls

November 2012

Province: Quebec

Location: Montmorency

Height: 30m?

Crest: 5m

Water Source: Unnamed

Waypoint: 46.883548N 71.15071W

Summary: The baby sister of Montmorency Falls. You cannot help but see it while visiting the big falls next door.

Dame Blanche Falls is an impressive falls located 12km east of Quebec City. In other parts of the world this falls would merit its own park, but less than a kilometer to the east is the enormous Montmorency Falls. As a result, the only thing this waterfall gets is a sign.

The water source for the falls does not seem to have a name, and based on maps, appears to begin just a short distance above the falls. I am guessing this is actually a part of the Montmorency River that has found an underground passage.

The Atlas of Canada lists this falls as Chute de la Dame Blanche, which in English is White Lady Falls. There is a legend that a broken hearted maiden threw herself off of Montmorency Falls in her wedding dress. In some versions of the legend, her wedding veil was transformed into this smaller falls. In fact, the sign at the falls labels it as "Le Voile de la Mariée", which translates as 'bridal veil'. I chose to use the name given in the atlas, as there are far too many Bridalveil Falls in the world.

The waterfall is very easy to visit. It is visible from Autoroute 440. If you visit Montmorency Falls, you will drive past this falls on your way to the parking area. You can also walk to the falls from Montmorency. If you just want to visit this falls, there is a turnaround at the end of Saint Grégoire Avenue, right by the base of the falls. It also looks like there is a turnaround on Cotié Benson-Hall, at the top of the falls.

Nearby Falls

There are a lot of waterfalls in this part of the world. Montmorency Falls is right next door. Saint Anne Canyon, Sept Chutes, and Jean Larose Falls are all about 30km to the east. Beauport Falls is 10km to the east, and Kabir Kouba Falls is another 15km beyond that. The very large Chaudiere Falls is about 20km to the south east. Dozens of other waterfalls are within an hours drive.

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