Kabir Kouba Falls

November 2012

Province: Quebec

Location: Lorreteville

Height: 15m

Crest: 15m

Water Source: St Charles River

Waypoint: 46.85545N 71.35566W

Summary: An easy to visit scenic falls located in a city park.

Kabir Kouba Falls is a falls on the St Charles River, located in Lorretville, about 16 km of Quebec City. The river slides down a rocky outcropping, takes a hard left, and then races through a narrow channel. 'Kabir Kouba' means "river of a thousand bends" in the Innu language.

There is a small park at the falls. There are viewing platforms on the left side of the falls. The falls can also be seen from the road above the right side of the falls, but the view is a bit obstructed. You can also get an an obstructed head on view of the falls from the road above the falls. The ruins of old mills can be seen at the park.

Nearby Falls

There are a lots of waterfalls in this part of the world. Beauport Falls, another urban waterfall, is an 18km drive to the east. Simons Falls, another pair of medium sized falls, is a 15km drive to the north. The very large Chaudiere Falls is a 20km drive to the south, and the even larger Montmorency Falls is 22km to the east. Dozens of other waterfalls are within an hours drive.

Photo Gallery

Obstructed head on view

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