Cataract Falls

June 2004

State: Indiana

Location: Cataract, Lieber State Recreation Area

Height: 30?, 15?

Crest: 100?

Water Source: Mill Creek

Waypoint: 39.43444N 86.81333W

Summary: By volume, this is the largest waterfall in Indiana. There is an upper and lower falls, an interesting gorge (especially by Midwestern standards), and a covered bridge.

Cataract Falls is in Lieber State Recreation Area. This is the largest waterfall in Indiana by volume. Higher waterfalls can be found in Clifty Falls State Park and elsewhere, but Mill Creek is larger than some rivers I have seen.

There is an upper and lower falls. The main drop of upper falls is about 30 feet high. There are a couple of smaller drops just above it. The lower falls is half a mile downstream, and is about 15 feet high. There is some very nice exposed rock just below the lower falls. There is a trail between the upper and lower falls, but you can also drive.

There is a $5 fee to visit the park. To reach the park from I-70, take exit 41 and head south on 231 for 7 miles. Turn right onto 1050 N. Within less than a mile you will cross the bridge over Mill Creek. The park will be on the right. A covered bridge is located here, but it is no longer in use. When I was there, the bridge was being renovated and did not span the river.

You can visit the gorge just below the upper falls without visiting the park. Just east of the bridge on 1050 N there is a road heading north. This road starts out paved, but quickly becomes gravel. It turns to the left and heads down a hill. There is a very rough two track that goes to the left. This leads to the river and the falls, but did not look safe for a car. There was room to park along side the road. See the map.

The very small Little Sister Falls is close to the lower falls.

Photo Gallery

Upper Falls

View from the Park

Down in the Gorge

Above the Main Falls
Lower Falls

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