Clifty Falls

March 2006

State: Indiana

Location: Madison

Height: 60

Crest: 20

Water Source: Clifty Creek

Waypoint: 38.76639N 85.43639W

Summary: This is a nice waterfall, although it is definitely best seen in the spring. There are four named waterfalls in the park and a dozen others, but you will need to go trudging around in the gorges to get a good look of them all, and they often dry up. Probably not worth a long trip, but a nice stop if you are in the area.

Clifty Falls is in Clifty Falls State Park. There are four named and advertised waterfalls in the park and supposedly 18 others for a a total of 22 waterfalls in the park. All of these waterfalls are seasonal and best seen after a good rain.

From the rim trails, it is difficult to get a really good view of any of the waterfalls in this park. The overlook at Clifty Falls provides a mostly unobstructed, but limited view of the falls. There is also an overlook on the road that gives you a distant view of the falls.

You can reach the base of the falls by taking trail #2. This is the gorge trail, and is just the creek bed. There are several connecting trails that lead down into the gorge, all of which are rather steep in places. If there is water flowing, you are going to get wet on trail #2. When the creek is very high the trail is impassable.

The gorge trail ends at a wooden platform opposite the falls. You have to climb a ladder to reach the top of the platform. The platform is not entirely stable looking, but it held a troop of boy scouts while I was visiting.

Little Clifty Falls and an unnamed seasonal waterfall both spill into the gorge at the end of the gorge trail.

Nearby Falls

Tunnel, Little Clifty, and Hoffman Falls are all in Clifty Falls State Park. Deadman Falls is a few miles away in nearby Hanover.

Photo Gallery

View from overlook, May 2003

View from across gorge, March 2006

End of Trail

Ladder and Platform

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