Cascade Canyon

July, 2003

State: Wyoming

Location: Grand Teton National Park

Water Source: Cascade Creek and tributaries

Summary: This is not exactly a waterfall, but a very scenic hike along which a number of cascades of varying heights can be seen. Definitely something to do while in Grand Teton National Park.

Cascade Canyon is one of the more popular and easy to access trails in Grand Teton. It is 4.5 miles long, and is relatively level as it follows Cascade Creek between the mountains. The cascade pictured above is at the fork at the end of the trail. You can continue hiking north or south to make a loop around the different peaks.

Along the way you will pass a number of unnamed waterfalls. These waterfalls are produced by snow on the peaks. They are seasonal, but many of them are going strong in mid July. According to the topographical maps, the total drop on these falls is over 800 feet. With some effort you could get closer to some of them, but I am not sure if close up views would be worth it.

Nearby Falls

Cascade Canyon is just beyond Hidden Falls. Grand Teton has many named waterfalls that look a lot like the waterfalls in this canyon.

Photo Gallery

One of the Cascades

A Wider View

A Second Cascade

A Third

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