Hidden Falls

July 20, 2003

State: Wyoming

Location: Grand Teton National Park

Height: 150

Crest: 30?

Water Source: Cascade Canyon Creek

Waypoint: 43.76629N 110.75126W

Summary: The most accessible and impressive waterfall in Grand Teton. Definitely a must see if you visit the park.

Hidden Falls are in Grand Teton National Park. The waterfall is on the far side of the southern part of Jenny Lake. This is one of the most popular destinations in the park. There is a boat ride that will take you across the lake ($7 round trip), or you can hike 1.7 miles around the lake. From there it is another half mile to the falls. The trails continue beyond Hidden falls for miles. Cascade Canyon is very interesting, and a relatively easy hike.

Nearby Falls

There are several waterfalls in Grand Teton National Park, but most of them are quite remote. A lot of the waterfalls there are more of the cascade variety, and the water never really leaves contact with the rocks. They are snow melt running down the sides of the mountains, and even though they may be quite large, they are not that impressive, especially at a distance.

Ribbon Cascade also flows into Jenny Lake and is visible from the road and from the boat. You could get closer to it by hiking around the northern end of the lake. Broken Falls and Glacier Falls can also been seen from the road, and could be approached from the Lupine Meadows trailhead.

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July 20, 2003

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