Bridal Veil Falls

June 2014

State: North Carolina

Location: Nantahala National Forest

Height: 45

Crest: 5

Water Source: Unnamed

Waypoint: 35.0722N 83.2289W

Summary: Bridal Veil Falls is a seasonal 45' plunge falls. You can see this falls without leaving your car. In fact, you can drive behind it.

Bridal Veil Falls is a roadside falls along side Highway 64. What makes this waterfall special is that you can actually drive behind it. A little spur road branches off from the highway, goes behind the falls, and then rejoins the highway. There is a small parking area in case you want to get out and see the falls on foot.

The bit of road that goes behind the falls used to be part of the highway, but they rerouted it many years ago.

The waterflow varies a lot, and the falls can nearly dry up in summer. They were pretty thin when I saw them in June.

Nearby Falls

Dry Falls is about a mile to the west along side Highway 64. Quarry Falls is about 4 miles beyond that, and Cullasaja Falls in another 4 miles. Silver Run Falls is 15 miles to the east. Whitewater Falls is 25 miles to the east. A dozen other significant falls can be found within a 50 mile radius.

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