Black Fork Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: Twin Falls State Resort Park

Height: 20

Crest: 8?

Water Source: Black Fork of Cabin Creek

Waypoint: 37.6182N 81.4496W

Summary: One of two seasonal falls in West Virginia's Twin Falls State Resort Park. This is the taller of the falls, and is reached by a 1/2 mile hike from the parking area.

Black Fork Falls is located in Twin Falls State Resort Park. This is one of the two seasonal falls that gives the park its name. The other is Marsh Fork Falls. Black Fork Falls is a little taller, but it is a longer hike.

Twin Falls Park is located about 30 miles southwest of Beckley. This is a resort park, with a lodge and golf course. The parking area for the falls is easy to find. Marsh Fork Falls is a few hundred feet from the parking lot. The hike to Black Fork Falls is about 1/2 of a mile. The trail between the falls is fairly level, with a couple of rough spots.

Black Fork Falls is a true plunge falls, and you can walk behind the falls if you want. You will likely get wet, and the footing is not good.

The watershed for both of these falls is very small, and the falls both run dry in summer. I had the good fortune of visiting after several days of rain. The two creeks join to form Cabin Creek.

Nearby Falls

Marsh Fork Falls is a 1/2 mile hike away. Campbell Falls in Camp Creek State Park is a 50 mile drive to the east, but only about 30 miles as the crow flies. Brush Creek Falls is less than 10 miles beyond that. To the northeast you can find the 30' Peach Tree Creek Falls, which is about 25 miles to the north. The small Drawdy Falls is 30 miles beyond that.

Photo Gallery

Wispy evening photo.

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