Big Falls

May 2006

State: Michigan

Location: Baraga County, 10 miles east of Skanee

Height: 20

Crest: 20 and 20

Water Source: East Branch Huron River

Waypoint: 46.83889N 88.07083W

Summary: A large and remote waterfall located near the Baraga/Marquette border. Reaching this waterfall requires fording a river and can be quite the adventure.

Big Falls is a remote waterfall located between Skanee and Big Bay. The falls are in Baraga County. There are no paved roads penetrating this area, and reaching this falls requires you to ford a river. Big Falls is not very high, but it is large and impressive.

The falls is located off of a rough dirt road that heads east from Black Creek Road. The "road" (it seems to be primarily used as an ATV trail) is about 1.9 miles south of Skanee Road. This road fords both forks of the Huron River. The "road" that leads to Big Falls is roughly half way in between the two forks, and is the best defined of the "roads" that heads south. There is no way a car is going to make it to this falls. I used a bike.

The trail passes high above the falls. The falls is visible from the trail, but the view is blocked by trees. Reaching the base of the falls requires a steep climb down into the gorge.

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There is a 20+ foot high falls on the nearby West Branch of the Huron River. However the road leading to this falls was marked with a "No Trespassing Sign" in May 2006. There is also a smaller falls further downstream on the West Branch, but this might also be on private property. A very nice map of falls in the area can be found here.. Forty Foot Falls is about 5 miles to the east on rough forest roads. Slate River Falls is about 10 miles to the west on the paved Skanee Road.

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