Yarker Falls

November 2012

Province: Ontario

Location: Yarker

Height: 5m

Crest: 5m

Water Source: Napanee River

Waypoint: 44.370995N 76.771029W

Summary: This is one of the more significant falls in the part of Ontario. Unfortunately it is not easy to visit, being surrounded by private property.

Yarker Falls is a scenic falls located in the center of the town of Yarker. The Napanee River tumbles down a 2m+ cascade, followed by a much steeper 3m drop. Unfortunately the land around the falls is private, so you have to get permission if you want to see it. The top of the falls is visible from the bridge, but you cannot see much.

Nearby Falls

The less impressive, but much more accessible, Napanee Falls is downstream. It is about 25km to the west by car. Kingston Mills Falls is 35km to the east.

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