West Milton Cascades

March 2010

Province: Ohio

Location: Miami County

Height: 20

Crest: 5

Water Source: Unknown

Waypoint: 39.9648N 84.3276W

Summary: A pretty little multi tiered falls located in the middle of the village of West Milton. Easy to visit, and close to several other falls.

West Milton Cascades is located in the village of West Milton. The falls is located on the northwest corner of State Route 571 (Tipp) and State Route 48 (Main Street), behind a furniture store. There is an overlook near the top of the falls, and a stairway down to the base. The falls has two main drops followed by a series of small cascades.

I do not know if the short creek the falls is on has an official name. The creek empties into the Stillwater River 1000 feet downstream of the falls. 100 feet upstream of the falls the creek disappears under a road.

Nearby Falls

The much smaller Ludlow Falls is just 3 miles to the north on Route 48. Greenville Falls is another 10 miles to the north. Charleston Falls is about 30 miles to the east.

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