Tischer Creek Falls

May 2017

State: Minnesota

Location: Duluth

Height: Multiple drops

Crest: 10

Water Source: Tischer Creek

Waypoint: 46.8185N 92.0571W

Summary: A series of falls in a very pretty city park. Not as impressive or wild as the much bigger falls further up the coast, but if you are in Duluth and want to take a hike, this is a great spot.

Congdon Park, established in 1908, protects a mile long gorge carved out by Tischer Creek. There are a number of small falls along the creek of various sizes and shapes. A trail follows the creek through the gorge, and there is also a trail along the rim. This is an urban park, but the gorge still has a rugged feel, despite being surrounded by roads and houses.

The waterfalls are located between Superior Street and 4th Street. I would recommend starting at Superior Street and walking up the gorge trail. There is no dedicated parking area for Congdon Park, but there is street parking on Superior Street.

[North Shore] Nearby Falls

Nearby Lester Park also contains a set of small waterfalls. If you head north on Highway 61 you will find a bunch of waterfalls, starting with Goose Berry Falls, Beaver River Falls, Baptism High Falls, Illgen Falls, plus many more. Wisconsin's Big Manitou Falls is about 20 miles to the south.

Photo Gallery

View from rim

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