Tannery Creek Falls

May 2010

State: New York

Location: Naples

Height: 75'?, 15'?, <10', <10'

Crest: 20'

Water Source: Tannery Creek

Waypoint: 42.602252N 77.405248W

Summary: Tannery Creek is one of two impressive glens in Naples New York. Not as well known, or as large as its more famous companion Grimes Glen, it is still well worth the visit.

Tannery Creek is located in Naples New York. The creek features a number of small waterfalls, and a couple of 50' falls. Unlike Grimes Glen, which is more or less on the other side of Main Street, there are no signs for this glen. Walking up the creek you will pass a couple of falls each under 10' high, before reaching a bigger 15' falls. Above this is a much higher two tiered falls, around 50' high.

The creek can be accessed from behind the maintenance buildings at the end of Tannery Road. You have to find your own way down to the creek bed, which is about 5-10 feet below road level. From there it is a straightforward creek walk up to the falls. The first two falls are easily skirted. You can climb up the left side of the third falls without too much trouble. The big falls is just beyond that. There are more falls in the upper part of the gully, including another big one, but you cannot easily reach it from downstream. The upper part of the glen can be accessed from East Hill Road, a rough and steep road.

[Finger Lakes] Nearby Falls

The Naples area is full of glens and gullies (I am not sure what the difference is). Grimes Glen is the closest. It too is located in Naples at the end of Vine Street road, which is on the opposite side of Main Street. Conklin's Gully and Clark's Gully are both northeast of Naples off of Route 245. Dozens of other waterfalls are within an hours drive.

Photo Gallery

Big falls

Big falls

First view of the big falls

Big falls

Third falls

Third falls

Third falls, October 2006

Looking down the third falls

First falls, October 2006

Second falls, October 2006

First falls, May 2010

Second falls, May 2010

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