Sheepskin Hollow Falls

May 2013

State: Ohio

Location: Columbiana County

Height: 15

Crest: 10

Water Source: Sheepskin Hollow Run

Waypoint: 40.7452N 80.53332W

Summary: A wild low flow falls reached by a creek walk. There are many larger and easier to visit falls relatively nearby, but this is as about as wild as you get in eastern Ohio.

Sheepskin Hollow Falls, as the name implies, is located in Sheepskin Hollow, a 453-acre state nature preserve in Columbiana County. This is a wild waterfall. There is no parking area, and no trail, and only one sign to help you find your way. This is a low flow falls, and is not especially large, but reaching it is a fun adventure.

Sheepskin Hollow is located about 10 miles south of East Palestine. Head south on Route 170 until you reach Pancake Clarkson Road. Take a left and head east. In just over a mile you will reach the bridge over the North Fork of Little Beaver Creek. Despite its name, this is a decent sized river. Continue on the road until you reach the underpass under the old railroad. There is room on the right side of the road to park.

Climb up to the old abandoned railroad and head south. This is the easy part of the hike. The old rail bed is level, but there are lots of old railroad spikes to watch out for. After a half mile, Sheepskin Hollow will be on your left. When they built the railroad all those years ago, they buried the mouth of the hollow in order to make a level grade. A steep scramble leads down into the hollow. From there it is a quarter mile hike up the creek to the falls. There is no real trail, and you probably need to cross the creek several times. In the rare situation where there is a lot of water flowing, this could be pretty difficult.

Sheepskin Hollow Falls is a plunge falls. You can walk behind it. There is supposedly an upper falls, but I could not find it, or it is very small. There is a small drop of a few feet a short distance above the lower falls. There is nothing beyond that for another quarter mile, but it is possible the upper falls is farther up the hollow.

[Ohio] Nearby Falls

Lantermans Falls is 30 miles to the north. Sheepskin Hollow is just a mile from the Pennsylvania border. Pennsylvania's Buttermilk Falls is 16 miles to the east, Quakertown Falls is 24 miles to the north, and Big Run Falls is 32 miles to the north east.

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