Rockway Falls

April 2006

Province: Ontario

Location: Rockway, near St. Catherines

Height: 45

Crest: 15?

Water Source: 15 mile creek

Waypoint: 43.11114N 79.32329W

Summary: A ramp waterfall surrounded by some very sheer cliffs. This is another Niagara Escarpment waterfall and is just a short drive away from the impressive Balls Falls.

Rockway Falls is an easy to visit waterfall just east of Ball's Falls. You can park at the Rockway Community Centre which is located right next to the falls. Every description of this falls that I saw mentioned that the cliffs were steep and they were not kidding. It is just a short walk from your car to a sheer drop into the gorge, with nothing between you and the cliff edge.

The community center is on the east side of the gorge. Better views of the falls are available from the west side. You can walk across the bridge and there is a short trail that takes you to some nice vantage points and good places to plunge to your death. When crossing the bridge you can see the small upper drop on the south side of the bridge.

You can access the gorge from the east side. In the back of the parking lot on the east end of the building you can find a trail that eventually leads down into the gorge. From there you can work your way back up to the falls, passing the lower falls on the way. This takes about twenty minutes.

If you are athletic, and in a hurry, behind the building between the fence and the gorge you can find a notch that you can climb down. This leads to a steep trail that ends at the base of the falls. There is another notch a bit farther down that is marked with blue paint blazes, that leads to a similarly marked trail. This trail is very narrow, and is still a long way up. It did not look very safe, and I abandoned it before I found out where it went. I imagine it leads to the same location as the first notch.

The creek drops another 20 feet or so in a series of drops about 100m below the big falls. There is supposed to be another small drop further down the gorge.

To reach this waterfall exit the QEW at Victoria street (exit 57) and drive south. You will drive right past Balls Falls. A mile past that, turn left onto 8th Avenue and head east for 4 miles. 8th Avenue becomes Pelham Rd somewhere along the way. The Rockway Community Centre will be on your left.

Here is a short movie of the falls as seen from the gorge.

[Hamilton Area] Nearby Falls

Balls Falls and Louth Falls are both a short drive away. You could hike to Louth Falls. Niagara Falls is 20 miles to the east.

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Small Falls above Bridge

Middle Falls

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