Rock Glen Falls

June 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Rock Glen Conservation Area near Arkona

Height: 35

Crest: 15

Water Source: Hobbs Mackenzie Drain

Waypoint: 43.085N 81.821W

Summary: A nice waterfall with the added bonus of a gorge full of fossils. Unfortunately this is quite out of the way, and probably not worth a trip all by itself. If like me, you are coming from Michigan, this waterfall is between you and Niagara Falls, all the falls of southern Ontario, and the falls of New York.

Rock Glen Falls is in the Rock Glen Conservation Area. This is just outside of Arkona. There is a nice parking and picnic area and a $3 per person entry fee. A wooden stairway leads you down into the gorge right to the base of the falls. You could stand under them if you wish.

You can hike down the gorge. There are lots of fossils to be found here, so keep your eyes open if you like that sort of thing. You are allowed to take one, but only one, fossil.

This is an isolated waterfall. It is 10km north of the 402, about 30 km east of Sarnia and Port Huron. Hamilton and its waterfalls are roughly 160 km to the east. Route 21 north will take you towards Sauble Falls and the Owen Sound waterfalls.

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