Rockbridge Falls

May 2005

State: Ohio

Location: Rockbridge

Height: 40?

Crest: 10

Water Source: ?

Waypoint: 39.575N 82.5W

Summary: As the name suggests, this waterfall flows under a natural bridge, making it unique. The falls may never have a lot of water but the interesting combination of natural features makes it worth a visit.

This is a small waterfall that does not have a lot of water in it even in May and it would have been relegated to my minor falls page except for the fact that it flows under a natural bridge! The combination is so interesting that I decided that it deserved a page all to itself. Presumably if you get here in April, or after some really heavy rain, the sight will be even more impressive. In summer the falls is probably bone dry.

The bridge is 90 feet long, the longest natural bridge in Ohio, 40 feet high, 3 feet thick, and between 6 and 26 feet wide. The nearby town of Rockbridge was named for this natural feature.

The falls and bridge are located in the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve, which is located at the end of Dalton Road (Twp. 503). Dalton Road can be found north of US-33 between Rockbridge and Logan, just west of where SR-180 meets US-33. The nature preserve is about a mile from US-33. There are signs and a trail map at the parking area.

It is about a 30 minute walk to the falls and bridge. The trail starts out as a straight path along farm land, and then enters a hillier, wooded area, before descending to the falls. There is another trail loop called the "Rock Shelter Loop" that leads past another small seasonal waterfall.

Nearby Falls

Rockbridge Falls is located in the Hocking Hills area, and the many waterfalls of Hocking Hills are nearby.

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