Potts Falls

May 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: High Falls Park, north of Bracebridge

Height: 10m (two 5m drops)

Crest: 5m

Water Source: Potts Creek

Waypoint: 45.086725N 79.300582W

Summary: Potts Falls is a pair of small falls right next to the much bigger and more impressive High Falls. There is no reason not to take the short walk from the big falls to see this small, but scenic waterfall.

Potts Falls is located just a few hundred feet from Muskoka High Falls. The falls has two drops. The lower drop tumbles into the lake below High Falls. It is not easily seen from land, and is best seen from the water. The upper drop is about 100 feet upstream. You can walk right up to the base of this one. A foot bridge crosses over the top of the falls.

There is some inconsistent information out there about the names of these falls. The lower falls is sometimes referred to as "Little High Falls", and the upper falls as "Potts Falls". Some people reverse the names. It makes sense to me that the falls right next to High Falls would be called the "Little High Falls". Neither of the small falls is is listed in the online Atlas of Canada.

Reaching the falls is easy. Starting at the High Falls picnic area, follow the trails into the woods. You will soon reach the bridge over the upper drop. If you continue on this trail, and take the first right, you can get down to the river below the High Falls. From here you can get a better view of the lower drop, and some good views of the big falls.

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There are a lot of nearby waterfalls. High Falls is just a short walk away. Wilson Falls, Bracebridge Falls and others can be found in or near Bracebridge.

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May 2011

May 2011

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Little High Falls, May 2011

High Falls, Little and Big

Little High Falls from Above

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