Paint Falls

August 2010

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Paint Pennsylvania

Height: 15

Crest: 40

Water Source: Paint Creek

Waypoint: 40.24342N 78.846W

Summary: Also known as Sandy Falls, this waterfall has been somewhat marred by industry and acid mine drainage. The creek carries a lot of water, so it is guaranteed to be flowing despite its other defects.

Paint Falls is located on Paint Creek in the town of Paint Pennsylvania. The waterfall is also known as Sandy Falls. A retaining wall, an old diversion pipe and some other remnants of industry mar the appearance of the falls. The creek has also been damaged by acid mine drainage. That is the reason the rocks are orange.

The falls is located in the middle of town, but it does not seem to get a lot of visitors. There are no signs or established viewing areas for the falls. From Route 56, exit onto Main Street and head east. You will cross a bridge over Paint Creek. There is a large open parking area above the gorge behind the church. You cannot see anything from above. There are some rough overgrown trails down into the gorge, and you can walk back up to see the falls.

Normally falls are good spots for fishing, and fishermen make nice trails. However due to the acid mine drainage, not much lives in the creek.

I visited the falls in August and the falls were still flowing nicely. Many other falls in this part of the state are usually just trickles in late Summer.

Nearby Falls

The much more seasonal Buttermilk Falls is a 30 minute drive to the northwest. Adams Falls, another small seasonal falls is 45 minutes to the west. Ohiopyle Falls and Cucumber Falls are 90 minutes to the southwest.

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