Ozone Falls

May 25, 2015

State: Pennsylvania

Location: Ricketts Glen State Park

Height: 60

Crest: 5

Water Source: Kitchen Creek

Waypoint: 41.3255555N 76.2747222222W

Summary: The second largest of the many falls in Ricketts Glen State Park.

Ozone Falls is second largest waterfall in Ricketts Glen State Park and the largest falls in Glen Leigh. The fall is a steep cascade. I think the 60' height includes some of the small drops below the big drop.

The trail crosses the creek just above the falls, and then descends to the bottom via a switchback. You can get right down to the base of the falls, and with some rock hopping can cross over to the other side of the stream.

The day I visited the falls someone had a portable barbecue at the base of the falls and was grilling up some burgers. You could smell them a quarter mile up the gorge.

Ozone Falls was named for the Ozone Hunting Club which used the Ricketts house on the mountain as a local base.

This is the fifth falls from the top of Glen Leigh, and the last large single drop.

Nearby Falls

Huron Falls is a sixth of a mile upstream. The multi-tiered R.B. Ricketts Falls is 500 feet downstream, and B Reynolds Falls is another 500 feet beyond that. The bigger Ganoga Falls is about a mile away. Dozens of other waterfalls can be found within a 50 mile radius.

Photo Gallery

Smaller lower drop with big drop in background

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