Ozone Falls

June 2014

State: Tennessee

Location: Ozone Falls Natural Area

Height: 110

Crest: 20?

Water Source: Fall Creek

Waypoint: 35.88N 84.8111W

Summary: Ozone Falls is one of the most impressive of Tennessee's many waterfalls, and one of the easiest to visit. Like most waterfalls in Tennessee, it also has lots of neighbors.

Ozone Falls is located in a 43 acre natural area in Cumberland County. The falls is close to I-40 and easy to visit. Ozone Falls is a classic plunge falls and is considered to be one of the best of the many Tennessee waterfalls..

There is a small parking area with room for about 6 cars. From the parking area it is a short hike to the brink of the falls. Be careful! There are no guard rails and it is a sheer drop into the gorge. To get a better look at the falls, follow the trails to the right. They lead back down to the road, and then down what looks like a drainage into the gorge. The trail is a bit tricky at first, but it becomes easier and better defined. It follows the walls of the gorge. The trail ends after a couple of hundred feet at a nice vantage point. The vantage point is well above the base of the falls, but it looks like some brave souls manage to scramble down to the base.

The falls are located off of I-40 east of Crossvilee. Take the Crab Orchard exit and turn right on U.S. Highway 70 and head east. The highway takes you straight to Ozone Falls, which is on the right about four miles from the interstate exit

[Cumberland Plateau] Nearby Falls

There are great number of waterfalls in this part of Tennessee. Piney Falls is about 30 minutes to the south. Laurel Falls is 45 minutes to the south. Cane Creek Falls, Fall Creek Falls and the other waterfalls of Fall Creek Falls State Park are an hour's drive to the south east. The trailhead for Virgin Falls is an hour's drive to the east. Many other lesser, or harder to reach falls are as close or closer.

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