Upper Mesa Falls

July 22, 2003

State: Idaho

Location: On Hwy 47, in Fremont County

Height: 120

Crest: 200?

Water Source: Henry Fork's of the Snake River

Waypoint: 44.18806N 111.32917W

Summary: A big impressive waterfall that is still in its natural state. Yellowstone is nearby, and there are many other waterfalls to be seen in the area.

The Lower Mesa Falls are in Idaho, along Hwy 47. There is a small park with trails and overlooks. This is a very impressive waterfall, one of the last big waterfalls in Idaho that has not been dammed. Unfortunately the provided overlooks do not give you the best views of the falls. There appeared to be ways to get into the gorge, but the signs warn you that leaving the trails is dangerous and unlawful. I was in a law abiding mood, so I settled for the views from the rim. It looks like they are expanding the trails around the falls, and possibly better legal views will be available in the future.

Nearby Falls

The Lower Mesa Falls are a short distance away. Yellowstone's cascade corner is only an hour or two away by car.

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