WaterFalls of the USA

Niagara Falls Yellowstone Falls Shoshone Falls Multnomah Falls Yosemite Falls Cumberland Falls Taughannock Falls Snoqualmie Falls Great Falls Big Manitou Falls Blackwater Falls Brandywine Falls Hill Creek Falls DeSoto Falls Rainbow Falls Shell Falls Sioux Falls Tahquamenon Falls High Falls Miners Falls Clifty Falls Cedar Falls Bushkill Falls Nevada Fall Latourell Falls Salt Creek Falls Watson Falls Grand Falls Mooney Falls Navajo Falls Fall Creek Falls Calf Creek Falls Seven Falls Bridal Veil Falls Fish Creek Falls Minnehaha Falls Monument Falls Alamere Falls Nambe Falls Little River Falls Smith Falls Hemmed in Hollow Falls Glen Ellis Falls Bash Bish Falls Cedar Falls Moxie Falls Feather Falls Mina Sauk Falls Turner Falls Montmorency Falls Takakkaw Falls Della Falls Thunderhouse Falls Agawa Falls Eugenia Falls Grand Falls Rideau Falls Aguasabon Falls Great Falls Burney Falls Basaseachic Falls Shannon Falls

This map shows some of the regionally significant waterfalls in the U.S.A. Only a tiny fraction of the waterfalls are shown. Waterfalls tend to cluster. There are hundreds of waterfalls in the vicinity of Rainbow Falls and Cumberland Falls in the southeast, Wyoming and California have hundreds of waterfalls each, and the Pacific Northwest is extremely blessed with waterfalls.

Waterfalls marked with a blue dot are ones I have actually visited. The following websites contain descriptions and pictures of many U.S. waterfalls in areas outside of the Great Lakes region.

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