Pennsylvania WaterFalls

Cucumber Falls Big Run Falls Bushkill Falls Dingmans Falls Quakertown Falls Ganoga Falls Jackson Falls Howard Falls Osterhout Falls Adams Falls Bucks Falls Big Falls Nay Aug Falls Springfield Falls Paint Falls Freedom Falls Glen Onoko Falls Cascades Jarrett Falls Falls Creek Falls Little Fourmile Run Falls Middle Mill Creek Falls Muddy Creek Falls Swallow Falls Denton Falls Cunningham Falls Valley Falls Wonder Falls Paw Paw Falls Schooleys Falls Tumble Falls Bridal Falls

Pennsylvania's hilly terrain is home to many waterfalls. The best waterfalls are in the state's north east corner, especially along the Delaware River. I have yet to visit this area, but hope to make it there someday. Bushkill Falls and Dingmans Falls are both 100+' feet high. The 96' Ganoga Falls is one of more than a dozen waterfalls located in Ricketts Glen.

The western part of the state has a number of nice smaller waterfalls, and a few other waterfalls are scattered about the state.

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