Indiana WaterFalls

Tunnel Falls Cataract Falls Clifty Falls Derbyshire Falls Elkhorn Falls Falls of the Ohio Williamsport Falls France Park Falls Anderson Falls Rock Rest Falls Hemlock Cliffs McCormick Creek Falls Kokiwanee Falls Thistlethwaite Falls Tioga Falls Cummins Falls

I have been told that Indiana has over 200 waterfalls. Most of them are small and/or seasonal. Cataract Falls is the largest falls in the state by volume. More than a dozen falls can be found in and around Clifty Falls State Park. This includes Fremont Falls, which is allegedly 108' making it the state's tallest waterfall, despite Williamsport Falls claim. The Falls of the Ohio on the Ohio River was a major obstacle to river traffic, but it was better described as a large rapids and has since been largely obliterated by dams and locks.

Kentucky's Tioga Falls is just across the border.

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