Manitou Cascades

May 2017

State: Minnesota

Location: George Crosby Manitou State Park

Height: 30?

Crest: 40?

Water Source: Manitou River

Waypoint: 47.48744N 91.10685W

Summary: A wild waterfall in a wild state park. Reaching this waterfall requires a 2 mile round trip hike.

The Manitou Cascades are a multi tiered falls on the Manitou River located in George Crosby Manitou State Park. This is a wild waterfall, and a wild park. The state park is designed for backpackers. There are minimal facilities and all the campsites require a hike of at least a quarter mile hike. The hike to the cascades is 1 mile one way.

To reach the falls take County Road 7 out of Finland. Finland is 6 miles from Highway 61 via County Road 1. Drive 7 miles on County Road 7 to the park entrance. The road is not paved, but is well maintained. The trail to the falls is "Middle Trail", and starts at the main parking area.

There are other cascades on the Manitou River with George Crosby Manitou State Park, but they are off trail and would require some difficult bushwhacks. Suprisingly, there are two very scenic falls on the Manitou River a few hundred feet downstream of Highway 61. The final falls on the river plummets directly into Lake Superior, and can be seen from the water. There is another waterfall above that, but the land around it is private and is off limits.

[North Shore] Nearby Falls

There a whole bunch of waterfalls to be found if you head back to Highway 61. If you head towards Finland, you will pass Illgen Falls on your way towards Highway 61. Heading south you will find High Falls, and the many Gooseberry Falls. If you head north east on your way back to Highway 61, you will end up at Cross River Falls. Heading north will take you to Temperance River Gorge and Cascade River Falls. More waterfalls can be found north of that.

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